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25 June 2023

Most Violent Rugby Matches in Professional Rugby

Here is a compiled video list of the Most Violent Rugby Matches in Professional Rugby. Brutal, violent, aggressive hit & tackles. Featuring games from England..
16 June 2023

How NOT to Tackle in Rugby | Most Illegal Tackles

A tackle occurs when a defending player makes contact with an opponent carrying the ball, aiming to bring them to the ground. Learn more about tackle in rugby.
12 June 2023

How to Get Better at Rugby | Most Effective Tips

1) Understand rugby law & rules. 2) Practice the basics of rugby 3) Attend Training Regularly. Find out more tips on how to get better at rugby effectively
2 June 2023

How to Keep Fit at Home During Holidays | 9 Best Tips

1. Get adequate sleep 2. Eat a Balanced Diet 3. Exercise Regularly 4. Walk More. Lets explore more tips on How to Keep Fit at Home During Holidays in this guide
30 May 2023

What are Yellow and Red Cards in Rugby? All You Need To Know

A yellow card is issued to a player as a temporary suspension from the game. A red card signifies a player's dismissal from the game due to a severe offense.
22 May 2023

How to Tackle in Rugby: Low vs Mid-Upper Chest Tackle

Tackling is a fundamental skill in rugby that requires proper technique and execution. Let's explore their advantages, and how to tackle in rugby.
18 May 2023

Choosing the Best Rugby Boots: How to Pick the Right Pair

Choosing the best rugby boot is essential to maximize your performance on the field. Lets explore the factors to consider when choosing the perfect boot for you
15 May 2023

Your Rugby Match Checklist : How to Prepare

Getting ready for a rugby match goes beyond just showing up on the field. We'll provide a rugby match checklist of things to prepare for your best performance.
1 May 2023

The History of Rugby: From Origins to Modern Day Game

Rugby is a sport with a rich and fascinating origin. In this article, we will take a brief look at the history of rugby and how the game has progressed.